The Top 20 Cat Breeds for City Living

Living in the city doesn’t mean that you can’t own a pet. If you’re a cat lover then we have good news for you. There are several breeds of cats who do well in city environments. If you live in an apartment or small house, we have some recommendations for cats that will do well as a member of your household. Here are the top twenty cat breeds for city living.


Ragdoll cats make wonderful indoor pets for practically any size or type of home. While they’re among big biggest and furriest cats, they are known to be very affectionate and loving creatures. They are intelligent cats who learn quickly and are easily house trained if you have a little time and patience. Ragdolls tend to bond with their owners very quickly. They form strong bonds and enjoy becoming lap cats. While they are typically quiet, and don’t do a lot of talking, the do purr constantly when they’re being cuddled. They are highly adaptable and soon become comfortable in a new living environment, provided they are given the love and care that is required for any cat. The only downside to owning a Ragdoll cat is that they have a lot of fur and they shed their coats moderately. They require twice a week brushing to keep the furballs under control in your home. There will be a little more cleaning involved, but for many city dwellers who own Ragdoll cats, it’s a good tradeoff.

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