20 Things You Didn’t Know About Savannah Cats

The Savannah Cat is a popular breed of house pet and show feline. The cats are a hybrid of the Serval, an African wild cat, and the Siamese, a domestic cat. First bred in the 1980’s, the cats have proven to be a beloved hybrid pet. It took some time for the cats to achieve recognition as a breed. However, the Savannah Cat has become popular for its exotic appearance and its tameness as a house pet. Savannah cats are large, yet sleek. The original generations bear a striking resemblance to their African ancestor. The cats are intelligent and social. In fact, the Savannah Cat is charming and makes a wonderful family pet.

Here are 20 things you didn’t know about Savannah Cats.

The Serval and the Siamese

Savannah Cats are the result of cross breeding a domestic Siamese cat with an African wild cat. The Siamese cat has been bred since the nineteenth century. With distinctive eyes and bodies, the Siamese cat has become a popular breed of domestic cat. Intelligent and playful, the Siamese often becomes an important part of its adoptive human family. The Serval is a native of Africa found mostly in the sub-Saharan region of the continent. The Serval resembles a small cheetah with a long, sleek body, golden goat and black spot and stripe markings. The Serval is medium sized standing between 21 and 25 inches at the shoulder. Slender yet strong, the Serval can weigh between 20 and 40 pounds. Its legs are long, its head is small, and it has long pointed ears. The short tail on the Serval has a black marking at the tip. Servals can be both nocturnal and diurnal depending on what type of prey it is hunting.

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