20 Things You Didn’t Know About Siamese Cats

Sir Compton MacKenzie, the English-born, Scottish author and raconteur, was the owner of Siamese cats and the compassionate President of the Siamese Cat Club of Great Britain. He once wryly noted that people belong to Siamese and should be prepared to spend much of their time serving them.

He wrote hundreds of novels and various genres of books. Included are the 1960 Cats’ Company, the 1961 Catmint, the 1964 Look at Cats, and the 1985 Little Cat Lost. His love for the Siamese breed is legendary among Siamese breeders and fanciers. His statement points out the famous Siamese royal attitude and temperament succinctly. Perhaps none other comment about Siamese is so well known and appreciated. Once a Siamese cat decides who they will own, life becomes exceedingly interesting.

Ever since the Siamese breed first became popular, they have remained so. The breed is ranked consistently in the Top 10 most popular breeds. Their distinctive personalities, exquisite blue eyes, and extreme loyalty to those they love are legendary qualities which continue to make Siamese one of the favored breeds. Though first impressions do catch the royal demeanor of these intelligent and communicative cats, once a Siamese becomes a member of a household it cannot imagine life without its resident Siamese. All first impressions are forgiven once a Siamese prefers to spend time with its family. Highly popular, and immediately recognized due to their distinctive points, there are many things not as well know about the Siamese. Here are a few.

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