The 20 Worst Cat Breeds for Allergy Sufferers

There are many cat lovers in the world who don’t own a kitty because they suffer with allergies and are afraid that having a cat in the house will trigger an attack. Having allergies doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t own a cat. Some breeds are less likely to trigger an attack, while others are notorious for making sensitive people ill. In most cases, it is the dander and the saliva that people are really allergic to. While each cat is an individual and some may cause allergic reactions, while others within a breed do not, we can make generalizations based on what people have reported about their experiences with certain breeds. . These substances just happen to be on the hairs so the more shedding that happens, the worse your chances of having a reaction. I you’re considering getting a cat, but have allergy concerns, we have a list of the 20 worst cats breeds for allergy sufferers so you will know which ones to avoid.

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