How many gray cats do you see and wonder what breed they are?  You can probably stop guessing because the cat you are looking at would possibly be a Chartreux.  Chartreux cats have an amazing coat of fur that is in between light and dark gray.  When they are kittens, you won’t be able to find them behind all of their fur.  They grow up to have shorter fur and they are not as fluffy.  As they age, their fur seems to become flat but still has a little “oomph” in it.  You won’t want to get in the way of the Chartreux when they are after a fly on the wall, though.  With their fast reflexes and athetic build, they are liable to pounce right over you to get to what they want.  Does this mean that they are not good pets for the house?

chartreux kittens

Chartreux cats are actually great for your household.  Especially if you have children.  They are very playful and rather intelligent.  Instead of sitting around the house all day, Charteux’s love to explore and learn a variety of things on their own.  Sometimes you will find that your pet Chartreux can push buttons to different things in your house if they are able to reach it.  Lights might be turning on and off in your house, but don’t be scared.  It is only your Chartreux exploring and learning how to use things around your house.  Many Chartreux’s can be trained like dogs if you want them to play fetch with you.  You could throw them a ball and they could swat it back to you with their paw or even “kick” it the whole way over.  This is why these cats are perfect for children.  Even though they like to have time to themselves to explore, they also love to play around.

chartreux cat

You will love petting a Charteux because their fur coat is very soft.  Their fur is water resistant so you won’t have much to clean up or dry off after they have been outside in the rain.  They are also known for having a “smile.”  The way their mouths are made, the Chartreux looks like it is smiling most of the time.  Now, you know you have a happy cat if they are constantly smiling!  If you let the Chartreux have their time to explore your house, they will return the favor by being loyal and playful when you would like them to be.

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