20 Cats That Look Like Other Things

Cats are interesting pets and those who have owned one will tell you they are bossy animals. On the internet, there are all varieties of cats you might think about and some of these have been likened to some popular individuals because, to some extent, their faces look like the individuals they are likened to. Some of the examples shared below are hilarious and include very popular individuals and figures from shows you probably have watched. It is just mere comparison and nothing in bad taste, so take it lightly as that is exactly what it is meant for; a light moment.

Batman Cat

Lovers of batman will quite easily note this resemblance. The cat perfectly fits the description of a true look alike of the famous batman. What is more definitive of this look is the eyes and the ears that are perched straight up, just like the two pointing horns on the head of batman. Additionally, the overall shape of the face of the cat and batman rhymes. The cat seems like a confident person taking a selfie, which also matches the kind of seriousness on the face of batman.

This is an interesting comparison that fans of batman will love. Batman as is known by many is a fictional superhero who appears in comic books that are published by DC Comics. Batman the character was the invention of Bob Kane and Bill Finger and made the first appearance in #27 of Detective Comics.

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