20 Cats That Look Like Other Things

Cat resembles roasted chicken

From a distance, you might jump into a conclusion it is chicken when in reality it is just a cat facing in the opposite direction. Compared to the chicken placed on the right side, the cat has a shape that rhymes with the real chicken. The back of the cat also has that brown color that is normally achieved when you roast your chicken well, just like it is demonstrated on the right with the real chicken.  The placement of the legs of the cat is also something to define the resemblance as they are positioned in the same manner as those of the chicken on the right. Put on the same comparison table and viewed from a distance, you would not easily distinguish which is chicken or the cat. The images will look like two pieces of chicken placed side by side. It honestly would take a keen observer to tell them apart, and this is not so easy unless you move closer.

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20 Cats That Look Like Other Things
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