20 Amazing Pet Rescue Photos From Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on the state and caused mass flooding that displaced both humans and beloved pets. The passing of the most violent part of the storm did not mean that conditions were going to improve. As flood waters continued to rise in the southeastern portion of Texas, people struggled to reach safe locations for many days. Many, brought their pets along with them. There are many hundreds of dogs and cats who have been displaced by the flooding. Some of them are being cared for by their families, while others were saved by rescue workers and placed in shelters. In some instances, neighbors took in the displaced pets when possible. There is a heroic effort being made to not only assist the people who are victims of the catastrophe, but also to reach out to the pets that are in desperate need of medical attention, food, clean water and shelter. We’ve found 20 pretty amazing pet rescue photos from the event and here are the stories behind them.

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