20 Cats Who Are Living Much Better Than You

We love our cats…we do. But they can be hedonistic at times, leaving us to wonder whether or not they are worth the trouble to keep them. Hearing stories of wealthy owners who have bestowed every benefit on their beloved cats is something we completely understand, or remain confused about. Why reward cats for their selfishness, naughtiness and general contempt for others? It’s something we ponder over at the same time as we give in to them, enjoying their cat behaviors and often receiving the rewards of companionship and cat intuition. The kind of intuition that prompts them to curl up near to us, making us feel better when they sense we are out of sorts.

In honor of the great cats…the ones who beguile us, who choose to own us, or not, and those who become family, here are 20 cats who are experiencing lives filled with the things they need, and more. From the richest cats with the finest of everything, to the poorest of cats with the comforts that allow them to be their most cat-like, these are tributes to cats who couldn’t live without humans and humans who never wish to live without cats.

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