20 Cats Who Look Like Game of Thrones Characters

Game of Thrones is a fantasy TV drama series that includes several plot lines that highlight fictional Westeros and Essos continents. Many fans of the show have characters with whom they identify and ones they love to see. It is one of the most interesting shows with unique characters whose appeal has gotten many addicted to its plot line. But have you ever thought about placing any of these characters against some animal to paint the similarities or even highlight how they compare? Cats are the most ideal choice for such a comparison and here are few cats that resemble GOT characters that you will find amazing:

Davos Seaworth

Who thought there would be any cat to resemble the aggressive Davos Seaworth? Well, this here is one example and an interesting one that you might want to look at. There are few things that draw this comparison and make the two faces similar. First, the color on both the cat and the face of Davos matches and this is not just its overall pallet, but the pattern highlighted where gray intertwines with some black around the face. Additionally, their eyes which are set to highlight seriousness are a point to look at if you want to draw a clear comparison between the two. Davos appears as a reformed smuggler and he is the one who gives Stanni’s forces the provisions they need while undertaking a siege of Storm’s End. His position in the series is one of an individual who is always up to the challenge and he makes it worth the time.

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