The 20 Most Evil Cats from Movies or TV

How fascinating evil cats are. We may love our furry companions, but when it comes to evil cats, we cannot hide our fascination with them. How evil can evil be, we wonder? As with all bad things, there are many different levels and types of evil. Here are 20 of the kitties who put their own stamp on evilness; proving that cats of all shapes and sizes can indeed do evil very well.

Snowbell in Stuart Little

It was tough for Snowbell when Stuart Little joined the family. Snowbell’s tendency to be self-absorbed, narcissistic and downright loathsome prompts him to try to eat Stuart soon after the little mouse arrives. After being severely scolded, Snowbell spits Stuart out. But, that doesn’t stop him from some midnight threats when Stuart is settling down for the night in his new bedroom. Snowbell’s nasty behaviors toward Stuart are punctuated by plenty of nasty speech and contrived misadventures for Stuart. Snowbell refuses to help Stuart get out of the washing machine and Stuart nearly drowns. Snowbell’s greatest fear is that his friend Monty, an outside cat, will discover that Snowbell must suffer the humility of being part of a family which includes a mouse. All sorts of shenanigans ensue as Monty discovers that Snowbell has a mouse for a master.

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