The 20 Scariest Cats from Movies or TV

Even cat lovers agree that their favorite animals can get a little spooky sometimes. They’re mysterious, fierce, and probably not the friendliest creatures on the planet. It’s no surprise that cats have been the subjects of many horror and suspense films in the past. Cats can definitely give a good fright as evident from the films listed below. Here are 20 of the scariest cats we’ve ever come across in movies and TV.

Pet Sematary (1989)

There’s no shock here. Stephen King’s novel scared fans all over the world, but the movie adaptation brought the fear to life. Pet Sematary is a misspelling of an actual cemetery in the story’s small town. It’s where children buried their pets after they’ve died. There’s a lot of talk about death in the film, and that alone was traumatizing. What’s worse was the existence of Church, the main characters’ cat. Church was run over and died. He also happened to have been buried at the pet sematary. However, not too long after he was buried, he came back to life but only as a different pet. He was no longer the Church they knew; he had become slightly more violent and dreary. Of course, all of these only foretold what was really going to happen in the story. Church dies again later on, and whether he came back to use the rest of his lives, only Stephen King will know.

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