20 Things You Didn’t Know about Lil’ Bub

The Internet is an incredibly powerful tool. It can be used to share information worldwide and interact with people globally. Many people use it to promote peace and charity, others use it to work towards scientific advancements, and some even use it to gain worldwide fame. Among the most interesting uses, however, is the creation and distribution of funny cat videos. There are a lot of cats out there who have achieved fame via the Internet. Grumpy Cat, for example, became a meme just a few years ago. However, the widespread fame she achieved brought her owners into a considerable sum of money and ensured that they could make a living. Another cat is Keyboard Cat, who was famous a bit earlier than Grumpy Cat.

However, the cutest Internet-famous cat is, without a doubt, Lil BUB. This cat is known for her unique appearance – with huge, bulging eyes and a tongue that is always sticking out. She has often been hailed as the cutest cat in America. Lil BUB was the runt of her litter and is currently owned by Mike Bridavsky (who has been working very hard to keep Lil BUB healthy and comfortable). Lil BUB’s ascent to fame began when Bridavsky posted some photos of her to Tumblr back in 2011. She became almost an overnight phenomenon, with her fame taking off big-time when she hit the front page of Reddit. Today, she has millions of likes, shares, and other indicators of how popular she is with the public. If you want to learn more about this amazing cat, please read on to learn about Twenty Things You Didn’t Know about Lil BUB.

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