20 Things You Didn’t Know about Military Cats

While humans utilizing animals for certain tasks is nothing extraordinary to realize, there are some time when history (and even some things happening in the here and now) can ultimately surprise you. The military does not have a long-standing tradition with using various types of animals for specific tasks, but the handful of breeds and species that do get used are trained with the best fighters in the world. While surely everyone is familiar with the United States military branches using dogs to help in war zones to identify potential mines, scout ahead for hostiles and more. What you might not have realized, is that the military has a secret they are keeping far closer to their chest: the uses that they have for cats both in the past and in the very near future. Since you are likely unfamiliar with cats in the military, here are 20 facts that you also likely didn’t know about them.

Some Cats Are Known To Have a `10 Year Old’s Brain Functionality 

Allegedly, recently a scientist happened across a pregnant Maine Coon cat along a road and decided to adopt it as his own. Soon after this adoption, the rather large cat had a small litter of kittens that were all welcomed to continue living with the scientist. Cameras were set up in the house to monitor the behavior of the mother cat and the kittens as they grew up, and something remarkable was caught in the footage. Within a short time, the kittens began to mimic the activities of the scientist’s daughter, even going so far as to play recognizable notes on the piano like the child did. It was believed that ultimately these cats could potentially have the intelligence within them of a 10-year old child. While there were still many hurdles that would come between educating a cat and the kind of education that a human child would receive, the military has been very invested and adamant to learn more about this ongoing research for their future development endeavors. 

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