9 Reasons Your Family Has To Adopt a Cat

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Cats are my life satellites. I can’t imagine my life without them. My story began long ago when I got my first cat. It was a fluffy kitty girl my parents presented me on my second birthday. She was my friend, my adviser, and my savior. When I was 9 years old I spent my summer at a camp. We hadn’t cell phones then, so I called home twice a week using a pay phone. One of that talks made me cry all day long.

My mom told me our cat fell out of the window at night. Probably, she sat on the sill and when was getting back to the apartment, tangled in the curtains and lost the balance. My parents didn’t find her body. Apparently, she got a shock and escaped. We never saw her again. It was a huge loss for me.

Looking back, I regret my acts. I pulled her with her tail, swaddled her imagining myself a mother. Usual childish behavior, right. Obvious for us. But I didn’t expect, it could be obvious for her.

1. Defense.

Once, the mom’s friend visited us with her pet — rottweiler. We have a conversation, drinking some tea. I got emotional while saying something and started to gesture. The dog misread me, got up and snarled. Everyone was frightened and made no moves. Except her. My kitty run into the room and covered me. She was much weaker than the dog, but she arched and hissed. She defended me.

2. Encouragement.

I came back from school and was doing my homework. Before long, I heard strange sounds. They terrified me. I examined the flat and found out our upstairs neighbors flooded us. I was shaking. My cat jumped on my knees and snuggled there. She supported me.

3. Insight.

In the childhood, I liked to sleep together with the cat. Surely, there were days when she planned to spend the night somewhere else, but she always stayed in my bed deep into the night. She cared about me.

4. Solicitude.

If I cried, she licked my face and rubbed against my cheeks to cheer me up. She was the reason I smiled.

5. Comprehension.

When my nephew was born, our kitty lived in the kitchen for a month. She couldn’t understand what was happening. She was jealous. However, after some time, she visited the room where the baby was, examined him and nestled next right to him. Since that day they were the best friends. She went through a hard time, she needed to realize she wasn’t the sweetest one anymore – and in the issue, she chose love instead of envy.

6. Faithfulness.

We lived in the city and our cat wasn’t outdoor usually. Until we took her to the village. Exploring new areas, she struggled to find the way home. But she always did. She tasted a freedom but stayed.

7. Involvement.

Our cat lived in the apartment and didn’t know what the wild nature was. But in the village, when she spent time in the woods, she caught a bat (!) and presented it to us. She made her contribution the moment she got an opportunity.

8. Motherhood.

She became a mother late. She can’t carry her kittens. She couldn’t take them the usual way. My girl was suffering. But eventually, she found her way to do it. Old-aged mother carried her kittens gripping their heads. Gently and funny. She didn’t give up. She was a mother.

9. Release.

They say when cats feel they are going to pass away soon they are looking for privacy. They leave their homes or hide.
My cat never tangled in the curtains before. I believe, she left us for the reason. She just knew. She made it simple for us. We remembered her active, cheerful and happy. She loved us till the last minute.

Author bio: Kate Maurice is a cat owner, freelance copywriter, who is interested in educational problems in modern society and self-improvement techniques. Kate is a typical introvert. You probably find her in a cozy coffee house reading a book or watching people passing by outside.  Kate writes for The Essay Writing Place


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