Cat Paralyzed in a Fall Now Enjoys Happy and Playful Life

What happens when a cheerful and active kitten suddenly loses his natural ability to move as freely and flexibly as he used to? Of course, the results can be saddening, both to the cat and the owner. This was the case with Mr. Chat – a lovely cat who lost his ability to move after falling from a fourth floor window of the building he once resided. The fall was so severe, that his back legs became completely paralyzed and rendered Mr. Chat disabled.

After the accident, his owner could not cope with the new reality and decided to get him euthanized. However, once he got to the clinic, the vet refused his request and offered to take care of the cat instead. It was under the vet’s care that Mr. Chat finally met his new and current owner, who was so moved at first sight that she almost fell into tears.

The Fall 

According to his new human, Mr. Chat doesn’t seem to have been pushed during his fall. He is naturally playful, and probably fell from an overbalance because of a bird or something. In any case, the unfortunate accident led to a crushed vertebrae, which basically means that his back legs are “dead” and can only move through reflex on rare occasions. Due to the severity of his injuries, Mr. Chat will never walk normally again. He is also effectively incontinent, meaning that he cannot poop or pee without some assistance.

After settling well in his new home, his owner also realized that the leg injuries causes Mr. Chat to become tired relatively faster than other cats. He has a hard time even getting on the couch, but he is strong-willed and prefers doing it alone! His human has also modified Mr. Chat’s access to the mezzanine level with a cardboard door, making it easier for him to move around more comfortably. Sometimes he seems oblivious of his condition, which makes him all the more adorable.

Becoming an Advocate

Apart from being an avid “cuddle addict,” Mr. Chat has his own Facebook page where he posts his adventures and advocates for the lives of special needs cats. If you are living with a pet, it is recommendable to secure your windows to avoid undesirable accidents like these. But if an accident does happen, do not resolve to euthanasia as your first option. Mr. Chat is a living proof that you can live with disabilities and be happy as well. Be sure to check out his Facebook page.

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