Why Does Your Cat Race Around The House After Using the Litter Box?

Cats are interesting creatures that are always being studied in an effort to figure them out. There are always new theories being developed for their interesting behaviors, and one such quirky behavior that many cats have, is that they tend to get on a hyper streak after using the litter box.

If you are a cat owner, chances are that you have probably witnessed this behavior at some point, or maybe you see it on a daily basis, and that is, that your cat retreats to its litter box, it does its business, then it goes on the fast track, racing out into the room, running here and there, jumping, getting playful, and basically, just acting like a crazy cat. You may have always wondered what it was that caused your cat to go nuts after taking a poo, and here are some of the theories that have been formed about it.

Cats are creatures of habits, and according to research, domestic cats still have some of their wild instincts in them that they perform, but they may not even understand why. Wild cats will go use the bathroom far from their lair. They do not like the smell of their own poo, so they do their business a great distance from their living quarters. Afterwards, as a protective measure to keep predators from following them, they run a crazy trail home to lose anyone that might be following. It has been thought that domestic cats have this type of instinct in them and perform a type of the same ritual.

Another theory is that since cats do not like the smell of their own poo, and instinctively immediately cover it up after they poop, that in order to get even more of the smell off of them, they run around in hopes of the breeze removing any lingering smell in their fur. This theory seems the most unlikely, according to one cat behaviorist.

And lastly, the third theory is that for humans and cats, the Vagus nerve runs from the brain to the anus and when that is stimulated, such as when a cat poops, it is pleasurable and this can get them into a frisky, playful mood. It can spark a bit of exhilaration in your cat and give them a sudden burst of energy, because now, they feel good.

One thing you want to keep in mind is that if your cat is not one to typically behave in this fashion, get excited after doing its business, and suddenly it starts out of nowhere, this might be a sign that something is bothering your cat, especially something like pain. Since cats are a cause-and-effect animal, any change in behavior can be a sign that something isn’t right and it might mean a trip to the vet is necessary. So keep an eye on your cat’s behaviors, learn what is normal for them and what is not. If your cat is typically spunky after a poo, he’s just being a cat and let him enjoy his, feel-good moment. On the other hand, if your cat is usually more reserved about his poo but suddenly acts a bit strange and spastic after he takes a trip to the litter, be mindful about it.


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