Cats Care More about People than Food

Cats have long had a reputation for being aloof and uncaring. After all, they don’t come when they’re called or obey any kind of command like dogs do. But, they’ll run at breakneck speed to the kitchen when they hear the can opener opening their favorite can of kitty food. Many people actually thought that cats only loved us for the food we provide. A free meal is a free meal, right? Wrong. They really like us even more than their food!

A recent scientific study at Oregon State University is showing us a whole new side of our feline friends. And, it’s quite surprising. Scientists tested cats by taking a group of them that consisted of both shelter cats and domesticated pets who had their own homes and offered them stimuli choices. They offered them their choice of toys, smells, food, or human interaction. The study was aimed at seeing which one the cats preferred.

This interesting study of cats was published in Behavioral Processes, a scientific journal. It cleared showed scientists where a cat’s heart really is, not necessarily in her stomach but in her heart. Cats actually like people more than food! Who knew? They really have always seemed to be an aloof bunch who are quite self-involved. But, as it turns it, they really aren’t so selfish after all.

You’ve probably noticed how obsessed the Internet is with cats lately. They’re everywhere. YouTubers are constantly posting adorable videos starring cats of all sizes. And, they’re all so cute! But, until now, we never realized how, well, almost human our four-legged furry friends could be. They obviously think, feel, and love more than we ever realized. How else can you explain the fact that they would clearly choose love and human interaction over food? It’s now truly evident that we’re not just their meal tickets but a very important part of their lives. All the more reason to heap more and more love on our cats. Now that we know how much they love us, we need to give them even more love in return.

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