Cats on Glass Gallery Brings Attention to Adoption Through Art

Trying to get the community interested in adopting cats has always been an issue among cat lovers, activists, and those who work with shelter cats. It’s not always easy to get people who aren’t, or thought they weren’t “cat people,” interested in giving a kitty a home. New ways to bring people and cats that need homes, together, are always being thought of, and here is one new idea that made a big impression.

The event took place in New York City in mid-February, and the event was a partnering of the Humane Society of New York and fresh Step, (kitty litter). Their hopes were to find forever homes for over three million kittens and adult cats that are in shelters all of the country. So what was so special about the event? The two entities created a pop-up exhibit that was called, Cats on Glass Gallery, and it gave exhibit-goers a lot to see and do.

Local artists produced a lot of things that celebrated the cat, such as a clear, “catwalk,” that ran above the heads of the visitors. You could look up and see all kinds of furry felines walking the walk, take pictures, and get a whole different view of the feline. There was also a room called, “Meownaste,” where you could sit and put headphones on and listed to guided mediation that was overlayed by the sweet, soothing sounds of kitty purrs.

As interesting and fun as the exhibits were, the main focus was to hopefully connect cats with forever homes, which you could also do at the event. Adoption was readily available there, too, and many cats did get their families at the event.

The reason why Fresh Step wanted to participate in the event was to introduce their new product, a low-tracking litter formula. Fresh Step recognizes the hesitation a lot of people have about adopting cats strictly due to the thoughts of a messy litterbox cleanup involved with cats. They know that this is a big reason many  people hesitate to adopt cats, so they wanted to show people that there no longer has to be this worry when you use their product that cuts back on litter issues. They were hoping that between their introduction of their new product, and the fun, personal way of connecting with the cats, that it would breakdown the barriers that many people have about adopting a cat.

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