Girl Creates Adorable Outfits for her Cat to Prevent Him from Touching his Wounds

When you own a pet, it is just like having a child. Their needs suddenly become top priority, even above your own and you want to take care of them the best that you can. Cats are even more insistent than other animals when it comes to this. They will make sure that you see it this way and put their needs first. They are demanding by nature and if you won a cat, you are already familiar with this behavior and mindset.

Fashion designer, Nykol Tolstych is also mum to her ginger cat, Cheddar who unfortunately suffers from man medical conditions. Some of them are allergy related, with having 17 allergies, along with other skin issues. Part of the treatment plan is for him to have bandages and coverings on him that help prevent irritating his skin. Because animals have a natural instinct to lick themselves, they can easily cause skin irritations or make skin irritations worse. It can be worse for a cat because it is their natural instinct to lick themselves in an effort to clean themselves.

Tolstych knew that she needed to do more to keep her feline safe from further problems with skin problems and doing more harm, so she got an idea that stemmed from her creative abilities with garments. She used her skill in clothing and fabrics to start creating fashionable garments to cover Cheddar so that he would leave his sores and skin irritations alone.

Tolstych made an adorable flannel shirt that covers Cheddar’s torso to protect the main part of his body where the irritations are. She Tweeted about the creation and posted pictures of him in his new shirt, explaining that she wanted something that would be protective and he couldn’t tear through, like the bandages. She also did not want to start spending money on clothes for pets, knowing how expensive they are. So she took it upon herself to start making his own clothing, using her fashion sense, and an old flannel sleeve of a shirt. What she got, was a lot of comments on how adorable Cheddar looked in his shirt.

She received over 54,000 retweets and 166,000 Likes. The idea is apparently quickly spreading and if there are any other cat lovers who have cats with skin allergies and irritations, making your own little clothing items for the cat can help to prevent skin irritations from getting worse and can save you money on having to purchase bandages or store-bought cat clothing.


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