Hundreds of People Dressed as Cats Break a World Record


How far would you go to show your love for a certain animal? Would you dress the part, from head-to-toe and gather among others like you who have a passion for the specific animal? Well, that is exactly what 440 people did, all out of love and adoration for the feline breed. The 440 people gathered together, all in costume and all ready to show their devotion for cats.

These people are cat lovers. They love cats, and not just a little, but really, really love kitties, and these people aren’t and weren’t afraid to show their love for cats. This includes Susie, from accounting and she sported the cat ear headband trend on her head.

The truth is, these 440 people together all dressed in kitty costumes, from kids, to teens to adults and they all gathered in Malaysia and their gathering totally trumped Susie from accounting and her cat ear headband trend. This group of people were all decked-out in full cat costumes from head to tail, whiskers and everything in between. They painted faces, wore cat ears and different colored cats suits to all look like the many varieties that a cat’s coat can come in.

The 440 people who were dressed as cats for this occasion, were on a mission to break a previous recording of a gathering of cat lovers, which totaled 250 people. It was entered into the Guinness World’s Record book, however, now the new record stands at 440, and this record was broken at the Asean International Film Festival and Awards which is in the Malaysian city of Kuching. The ironic thing is, the name Kuching is actually derives from the word cat, which is very fitting.

The challenge now, is that if you are a big cat lover and know of 440 more people who are too, then gather them all together and have them don their best cat outfits because 441 is the newest record to beat for having the highest number of cat-lovers all dressed in cat attire, and gathered together in one spot. The only prize involved in this little deal would be to have a new record to brag about.


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