Miniature Furniture For Cats and It’s Pretty Fantastic

For a lot of people, their pets are their kids. They treat their pets just like they would a baby, and there is actually a name for this, it is called, Anthropomorphism, which is the act of attributing human characteristics or behavior to that of an animal or an object. And in that same line off thinking, and because we all know that our pets love our furniture, but it’s just somehow not good enough for our pets, furniture has been created for, and is now available for pets, cats in particular. The pint-sized pieces of furniture are handcrafted, and cats are loving having their own furniture to sit, and lounge on.

The Spruce has said that about 83% of pet owners refer to themselves as mommy or daddy, and as a pet parent, it is your responsibility to make sure that your furry friend has all they need and want, and apparently this includes having their own furniture so they can live their life as luxuriously as possible. Your cat may no longer like your old dingy couch and has taken up refuge on the counter, or the top of the fish tank, so now you must order their own, custom-made cat furniture and help them regain heir kingdom.

To add even more pleasure to your cat’s life, while they are lounging on their new furniture, you may want to treat them to a special bathing experience with the new LICKI Brush, a brush for cats that you attach to your tongue and brush them with it. It imitates the act of licking their own fur, or each other, and is supposed to increase your bonding experience with your cat.

The well-known home store, IKEA, has just recently released its stylish line of pet furniture, and since then, Japanese furniture designers decided to go a step further by creating miniature pieces of human furniture that you can actually create an entire room for your cat that looks very similar to that of a dollhouse. The furniture company, Okawa Furniture, makes handcrafted, high-quality feline furniture that will keep even the most picky, snooty kitty happy.

And if you are tired of your furry feline getting his fur all over your bed, hogging your space, and taking over your comforter, there are now couches and beds, just for cats. Let them indulge themselves on their own couch and bed. They’ll love it, and you’ll be glad to have your space back and fur-free. The pieces are actually nicer and more extravagant than a lot of people would even get for themselves, and as a matter-of-fact, The Spruce says that what people spend on their pets today, has now surpassed what people will spend on toys for their children. Pet care spending has dramatically increased over recent years.

When there is a reason to spend money on what might seem like an extravagant purchase for a pet, such as a $200 highchair for a dog because they have a medical condition that warrants him needing it in order to be fed, it seems a little different than just buying something like this because you want to spoil your furry baby, or you think of  your fur baby as a real human baby. But hey, pet product companies are all reveling in the fact that more and more people are paying this much attention to their pets, and will go to any length to see to it that they are spoiled, and live the life of luxury, which requires pet owners to spend money, money, and more money.

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