There’s a Major Cat Killing Issue in Australia and No One Knows What to Do

Australia is known for its rare and strange species of animals, and there are plenty of wild animals there that can kill on a dime. Despite the many different types of animals around Australia, for a bird, its number one predator is still the most known and familiar creature, the cat. There have been plenty of studies done on this topic, but in a recent study, it has been determined that both feral and domestic cats have been on a murderous killing spree lately and are killing up to as many as a million birds in just one day. It’s so rampant, actually, that it is now a big problem in Australia.

According to the researcher, who was published in the journal, Biological Conversation, about 316 million birds are killed every year, by wild cats. In addition to that figure, domestic cats are responsible for about 61 million a year, which brings the total to a very high figure, and it is now a source of concern for bird species.

According to the lead researcher, John Woinarski of the Charles Darwin University, he has said that it is a known fact that cats kill birds, however, their study revealed that when looked at, at a national level, this degree of predation is ‘staggering.’ He went on to say, “It is likely to be driving the ongoing decline of many species.”

The research used a compilation of 93 different surveys and they mapped out the impact that cat predation had on Australia’s native species, and it was determined that 338 different bird species are considered prey by the cats in their country. This includes 70 bird species that are already considered to be a threatened species, and now, cats are putting them into a dangerous close range of extinction.

Australia is very familiar with the damage that cats can cause to the food chain and the population of other species of other animals in the country. According to all the research conducted in recent times, the issues of cats versus other species, primarily birds now, has gotten to be a much worse problem. The issue is so bad, in fact, that the country is taking drastic measures and are working to create what is known as a “cat-free zone.” The “cat-free zone” will cover more than 170,000 acres and its purpose is to give native species of Australia, a chance to not only survive, but multiply and avoid annihilation.


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