The Top 20 Cats in Television Show History

We cat lovers are thrilled when cats are featured on our favorite television shows. It’s great fun to see what kind of trouble our often-pesky friends can stir up, particularly when they prove that they are capable of much more than we thought.  Cats have been on the tube since shows began airing.  Whether they are in a heroic role, an “annoying” but funny role, or just plain sitting around the house, often times they can make a tremendous impact on the programs we are watching.

Here are twenty amazing cats who’ve surprised us with their great acting skills.

1. Spot from Star Trek: The Next Generation, belonged to DATA the android

When DATA determines that he wants to have a pet, he chooses an orange tabby cat and names him Spot. Data is seeking what it means to be a human, and he uses his computer brain to analyze what Spot is thinking and why Spot does what he does. Obviously, DATA has much to accomplish when discerning the curious nature of cats. DATA compares Spot to canines when explaining how Spot should be cared for when DATA is under observation for some irregularities in his own behavior. SPOT turns out to be a girl cat, who has a litter of kittens, and this also complicates DATA’s yearning for understanding cat and human reactions to them. DATA struggles with his emotion chip, and believes he has his emotions under control until he discovers Spot after the ship crashes. DATA cries when Spot is found, and he wonders if the chip is malfunctioning. Counselor Troy says that she believes the chip is functioning perfectly. Brent Spiner’s amazing portrayal of DATA’s exploration into human emotions concerning Spot rank high in the world of Star Trek. Parallel to Spock’s exploration of his human and Vulcan emotions, Spiner carried on the tradition within the Star Trek universe of explaining what it means to be human in a world filled with technology.

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