Two Record-Setting Cats Are Living Near Each Other in Detroit

Records are often kept on cats, marking the different record-breaking details one cat may have over all the others. Two of these record breaking cats just so happen to live close to each other, so close, in-fact, they reside in the same home which is located near Detroit, Michigan. One of the cats that currently holds one record, the Guinness World Record, specifically, is Arcturus Aldebaran Powers. This feline holds the record for being the tallest domestic cat, who measures about 19 inches (48 centimeters). The other cat, Arcturus Aldebaran’s housemate, Cygnus Regulus Powers, is the record holder for being the domestic cat with the longest tail, and it measures more than 17 inches long, or (43 centimeters).

The owners of the cats, Will and Lauren Powers, reside in Farmington Hills. Guinness says that the couple had sought out these records in order to help raise awareness to a cat shelter. Owner, Will Powers told The Detroit News that since the news of the records got out to the community, people often want to have their picture taken with the cats, so he and his wife ask them to give donations to the shelter.

Will has also said that both cats are approximately 2 years old, and because they are still young, has said that Arcturus could continue to grow until about age four or five, which means he more than likely will be retaining this record for some time.


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