The 20 Most Annoying Things About Owning Cats

Cat lovers around the world will all agree that their pets bring them joy and entertainment, and they wouldn’t trade them for anything. Having said this, they also have some very irritating habits. There are things that cats do that range from mildly annoying to nearly maddening, but the next moment, they do something that makes the anger subside. These loving creatures have the ability to make you laugh and smile for hours. They are also therapeutic, clinically proven to lower heart rates and blood pressure. Cats have so many redeeming qualities that it’s easy to overlook their less endearing habits. With all due respect to our feline friends, here are the 20 most annoying things about owning cats.

Cats like to take charge

Most cats come to you as sweet little kittens that steal your heart and make you think that they can do no wrong. As they grow and mature, many of them develop a take charge attitude. They like to rule the roost and unless you are firm in training your cat, it will treat you as though you are the pet and it is the owner. While there are times when this behavior can be amusing, it can be highly annoying. This is particularly true when your cat tries to boss you around. They may not speak the English language, but your cat knows how to communicate with you. If you’re not a cat owner, you may not get this, but anyone who is knows exactly what we’re talking about.

You suddenly have a second shadow

Despite their reputations for being aloof and somewhat detached creatures, cats really are dependent on their owners, and some are even clingy. Cats go through phases when they feel the need to stick to their owners like glue. Sometimes it’s nice to have the companionship and attention, but when you want some alone time, and your cat is feeling clingy, you may not be able to escape. They are known to follow their special person everywhere they go, including the bathroom, the laundry room, the bedroom and any other room in the house. It can get annoying when all you want is a little time to yourself. Your cat won’t care about that because when he’s in cling mode, it will be hard to ditch him.

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