20 Special Abilities That Show How Smart Cats Are

Cats are recognized as very smart. They can do many clever things, and for thousands of years they have been suspected of being far more intelligent then we expect. It’s only recently, however, that our suspicions are being confirmed with scientific evidence, and plenty of additional eye-witness accounts. It’s now thought that cats may not only be the highly intelligent creatures we’ve always thought them to be, but they may very well have special abilities which fall into the realms of psychology and the paranormal. Here are just a few things recent research has discovered.

Cats can calm their own anxiety.

They like to lick their coats when they feel nervous, afraid, or anxious. Their tongues are very coarse and covered with papillae. These are tiny projections on the tongue’s surface which point backward. They’re made of the same stuff human fingernails have, called keratin. This substance is very tough and abrasive. That’s why their tongues feel like sandpaper, and why they can use them to comb their fur. Whenever they need to calm themselves they use their tongues. It may be after they fall or slip while attempting to jump. It often occurs after they’ve been in a tussle with a roommate cat. They will characteristically lick their fur vigorously to settle themselves down after an uncomfortable incident. When they take a moment to lick their owners, it is their cat way of extending a friendly calming lick or two. Sometimes its better to take that mini-bath, with all its sandpaper discomfort, rather than discouraging a cat from offering to share its comfort.

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