20 Tips for Grooming Your Senior Cat

Do you a cat at home and that has been around for some time, maybe for eleven years? Well, your cat is Senior and you may need to reconsider how you care for it. Just like humans, as cats become old, they become slower and less active. They also become more vulnerable to diseases because their bodies aren’t regenerating as fast enough. What that means is that their bodies become frail with time, and you need to handle them with care, almost the same way you could handle kittens, except when it comes to grooming. You don’t need to groom young kittens, because they are good at doing it themselves with help from their mothers.

Senior cats on the other hand will shed more fur, and generally acquire a smell due to physical and physiological changes. In this list, we are going to share tips on how to groom your senior cat to keep its skin, teeth, eyes, ears, and fur clean and healthy. While these tips may help to you to groom your cat with ease, there is a risk for you or your senior cat to being hurt if it’s fighting the grooming process. Such behavior could also indicate that it’s hurt somewhere on it body and needs a professional groomer or veterinary to examine it. You should therefore make an appointment and have it examined to be sure all is well.

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