20 Toys You Never Let Your Cat Play With

Cats love to play with toys. Toys let them stretch their hunting skills, substituting for prey. Toys challenge them to use their agility and strength in healthy, athletic play. Cats are great dashers, jumpers and leapers, and they really enjoy using these skills to satisfy their inner hunter. They also have great imaginations and can amuse themselves for long stretches at a time. They are superior with light and small objects that they can swat, bat and chase. They are also experts at making their own toys from household objects. A crumpled wad of paper will make them happy.

Because cats do best when they have a variety of toys for different purposes, such as carrying as prey, rolling as with another cat, discovering and fetching, and snuggling with a friend, rotating toys is advised. It’s very much the same process as parents rotating toys with very young children to keep them amused. Cat’s enjoy finding toys on their own.

But owners often enjoy buying toys for their favorite cats, and bring home treasures and trophies to give them something new to experience. Wise owners know that boredom is a common state with cats. The trick is to limit cat toys to those which will not hurt them, whether bought in a store or found at home. Here are 20 toys which, though perennial favorites, still come with risks included. 

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