20 Universal Cat Behaviors All Owners Should Know

If you’re a cat owner, some of the things that your cat has done can be absolutely baffling. However, you should keep in mind that everything they do is done with a purpose. But how can you determine what exactly that purpose is? Most cat owners can tell when something is wrong with their cat. If your feline friend has been displaying some unusual behaviors, they could be sick, or they may just be in an odd mood. If you do notice that your cat is acting lethargic, is not using the litter box properly, or is refusing to eat or drink, contact a veterinarian immediately.

But what about those strange things that they’ve been doing ever since you first adopted them? Maybe you thought they’d grow out of some of their quirks as they got older. Or perhaps they haven’t even developed certain behavioral patterns until now. To truly understand a cat, you should always pay very close attention to body language and vocal cues. If you want to learn how to read these cues for yourself, consider going through this list. After all, the first step to understanding your cat is education. In this article, we will break down 20 Universal Cat Behaviors, and explain why it is that felines act the way they do.

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