20 Visible Signs Your Cat Is Sick

Despite all the fighting talk of ‘cats versus dogs,’ the emotional side of owning a pet is much the same, in either case. When they hurt themselves, you feel it too. When they get sick, you do everything in your power to get the help they need. Your pet is a part of the family, so maintaining their health is an important part of your life. Whether you’re a cat or a dog person, this doesn’t change. In fact, many symptoms of sickness and injury are common to both species. For instance, lost appetite, weight loss, and persistent lethargy are signs of illness not just in people, but in felines and canines too. So, even though pets are good at hiding their pain, there are some clear indicators of poor health.

How to Know If Your Cat Is Sick

Cats can be a lot harder to diagnose than dogs because they’re more independent. Certainly, for adult cats, much of the day is spent away from humans, either sleeping or hunting. If you’ve got an indoor pet, it’s easier to keep an eye on things. However, even house cats attract little attention if they’re generally aloof and resistant to cuddles. So, cats show signs of sickness just like other animals. Though, they may be easier to miss because you’re not in close contact all the time. Many owners, particularly those with outdoor cats, use mealtimes as an opportunity to get a look at weight, fur, eyes, nose, and other key parts. It’s a time when most cats are relatively still and compliant with touching and probing.

If you suspect your cat is poorly, try to contact a vet as quickly as possible. Some illnesses are more serious than others, of course. Wounds from fighting may require urgent attention, while a few episodes of vomiting probably aren’t indicative of a dire condition. Just make sure to exercise caution. Be practical, but don’t delay treatment for longer than a week.

This guide to spotting the signs of feline sickness will help you stay on top of your cats’ health.

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