7 Special Tips for Taking Care of Ragdoll Kittens

The name ragdoll is just cute itself, but these are an extra adorable breed of cat that have a beautiful coat, and beautiful disposition; very docile and sweet natured cats.  They are a larger breed of cat, and while many breeds have similar caregiving needs, a few breeds have special requirements for their caregiving that differ from the others, and the ragdoll cat is one. It’s important to give your individual breed the special needs and care they require in order for your cat to grow up to be healthy, happy felines. If you are considering getting a Ragdoll kitten, you will want to know what to do to care for it, so here are seven special tips for caring for taking care of Ragdoll kittens.

1. Attention

Ragdolls love their humans and are big attention seekers. While many cat breeds are independent and want their alone time, Ragdoll wants your attention and can actually become quite upset if he doesn’t get it and may become destructive out of frustration. Playing with your Ragdoll, grooming him, petting and loving on him will keep him happy and not neglected.

2. Grooming

Ragdolls have longer, beautiful fur than many cats and although they do a good job of keeping themselves clean, you will want to groom your cat at least once a week. This not only helps with shedding, but it helps to keep fur balls to a minimum. Grooming also plays a big part in connecting with your cat.

3. Feeding

Unlike many breeds, the Ragdoll continues to grow, all the way up to age four. During your cat’s growth spurts you will want to make sure he gets extra food. High protein foods are important for your cat, which are easier to get with canned food as opposed to dry. Stay away from foods with a high grain content, and always be sure to have fresh, cool water kept out for your kitty.

4. Toys

Your Ragdoll will be happy with a lot of toys to play with. These are cats that love to play and have fun with toys. Toys they can chase, bat at, and bat around are favorites, so be sure to keep your kitty stocked in fun, safe toys that will give him hours of entertainment. If you play with your Ragdoll often, you may even be able to get your kitty to fetch a ball, one of their favorite games.

5. Vet checks

Your Ragdoll cat needs regular vet checks to make sure he is growing healthy and appropriately for his age. It’s also important to make sure all vaccinations are up-to-date and that he gets all of the vaccinations they need, including rabies. Ragdolls are prone to breed specific diseases that with regular vet checks, early detection is more likely and treatment can begin sooner rather than later. Kidney and bladder issues are common among the ragdoll breed and these issues can be checked with blood work.

6. Keeping them safe outdoors

Ragdolls are really indoor cats and shouldn’t be allowed out of doors. Ragdolls are not very good at defending themselves against dangers and other animals that may try to harm them. They are not considered defensive types of cats and have a very trusting nature, which can put them at risk of danger or injury. If you do let them out, they should be monitored at all times, but it is really best to just keep them inside and not allow them out at all.

7. Monitor around kids

Kids don’t always play gentle with pets. They can get a bit rough at times, and adults must teach children how to handle pets. Some breeds of cats are a bit more defensive and will protect themselves against rough treatment, but due to the extremely gentle and passive nature of the Ragdoll, they are more apt to get injured by children. They will not always protest against rough handling, which can make it a dangerous situation for your Ragdoll and they should be monitored when around young kids.


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