What to Do If Your Cat Keeps You Up at Night

Having a cat as a pet is an incredibly rewarding experience. The unconditional love and companionship of a cat is tough to duplicate and they quickly feel more like family then just a pet. They have plenty of quirks, but one of the most interesting ones is their seemingly inverted sleeping cycle.

Cats seem to sleep all day long, with minimal activity. However, when night time comes and you’re trying to close to get some sleep they get a burst of energy. They make the leap from calm and sleeping to energetic and playful in a moment’s notice. Sometimes, they’ll even decide they’d love to attack you if you’re refusing to play with then.

This can obviously hamper your sleep and cause a serious impact on your mood. Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important parts of staying healthy. It’s so important, people dedicate entire websites to research and reporting on sleep. Clearly, you’ll want to solve this problem so here are some simple ways you can stop your cat from keeping you up at night.

1. Tire Your Cat Out Before Bedtime

This is a relatively simple option. All you need to do is have a play session with your cat shortly before bed. This can be anything you and your cat enjoy, like chasing a laser pointer or playing with a string-based toys. There are numerous great toys to choose from. You’ll want to at least play with them until you’re starting to see signs of them becoming tired.

2. Feed Your Cat a Meal Later at Night Before Bedtime

Cats are like us in many ways. One of the correlations is our inclination to get sleepy when we have a full stomach. If you commonly feed your cat in the morning or right when you get home from work, consider rescheduling one of these feeding times. A late meal will increase the chances your cat will be tired when you go to bed and actually sleep through the night.

3. Add More Enrichment Activities to Your Cat’s Life

Enrichment activities is a broad way of saying making your cat’s life a little more exciting. Some of the easiest ones would be feeding puzzles or a window perch. The window perch provides an opportunity for the cat to be seeing the outside world all day long and can keep them quite entertained. You can even place a bird feeder outside to create a steady flow of entertainment for your cat. There are plenty of enrichment options to choose from, so just decide what works for you and your cat.

4. Consider Getting a Second Cat to Keep your First Cat Company

Getting a second cat might be a big step for some people, but it’s a logical one if your cat doesn’t seem to be entertained enough. The second cat provides an opportunity for interaction during the entire day while you’re away from your home. Plus, the companionship offers an outlet other than yourself for each cat if they do indeed wake at night. Owning two cats is twice as rewarding and will help you remember all the myths of owning cats all over again.

These are some simple changes to help you sleep through the night with a playful cat. Hopefully, you can try these methods and they’ll work for you. Then, you can sleep through the night knowing your cat is peacefully sleeping too.

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