Cat Product Review: PDX Licki Cat Brush

Cats are notorious for licking themselves. They are instinctively clean by nature and to lick themselves is not only a part of their grooming process, but it is a way to soothe themselves. It’s what their momma cat would do for them as kittens as a part of grooming and bonding. The instinct to be clean and tidy is in most every cat. Things like using the litterbox, eating, or even a few minutes of playtime, can be enough to kick their need to lick and groom into action. When cats groom, they meticulously run their tongue over their body to remove any dirt, debris, or leftover food from dinner that might be lingering on them. However, although cats do a good job of keeping themselves neat and tidy, they still need to be brushed and groomed by their human, here’s why. Cats have undercoats of fur that can come loose during grooming. When they lick themselves, this layer of fur gets on their tongues, then swallowed. When cats get too much fur in their stomachs, it creates hairballs, which many times, can get thrown up onto your floor or furniture. But sometimes it can have the potential to cause more harm if it isn’t eliminated.

There are many types of grooming tools for cats, but here’s one that is not only very beneficial for your cat, but it has benefits for cat owners, too. The PDX Licki Cat Brush is a unique cat brush that allows you to help groom your cat to remove loose fur, and make their fur look sleek and smooth. But it also helps to bond you closer to your cat by mimicking what they would naturally get from their momma.

The PDX Licki brush looks similar to a tongue and you actually hold it with your mouth to give your cat the impression you are licking it. It is made from food-grade silicone, a material that feels good to your cat’s sensitive skin. The soft, flexible bristles are on both the top and bottom of the brush for easier use and it moves easily across your cat’s body, from head-to-tail, without being hard or painful as it maneuvers down your cat’s body.

The PDX Licki brush is soothing for you, and it’s a great way to communicate your love for your cat in the way they understand. You can build a better relationship with your furbaby that both you, and your cat will love. Check out this cool grooming tool that will quickly become yours and your feline’s favorite. He will love it so much, he won’t even realize he’s being groomed.

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