Why Cleaning Your Cat’s Teeth is Totally Worth It

Cats typically have pretty clean teeth and are not really known to have a lot of tooth issues, unlike other animals, like dogs. This has a lot to do with the fact that they aren’t as known for being chewers and animals that will put anything in their mouths, like their rival, the dog. Even so, they do have teeth, and teeth need to be cleaned, no matter what goes into their mouths. If you own a cat and wonder if teeth cleanings are even worth the money, which for many people, it may feel like it is more money than it’s worth, but here are five reasons why dental cleanings are worth the cost, and why you should consider having it done for your cat.

1. Bad smelling breath can be serious for a cat

Because cats don’t naturally have bad teeth or horrible smelling breath, so if your cat’s breath smells bad, chances are that it probably isn’t related to something as simple as the tuna he just ate. Your cat may have an infection or a bad case of tooth decay and he needs to have a dental exam and tooth cleaning.

2. Cats can hide their pain well

Cats are pretty well known for masking when they have a tooth ache. They are masters of hiding their pain, for instance, unless the pain is really severe, they will probably continue eating like normal, rather than pass-up on a good meal. For a cat, their pain has to be pretty severe in order for them to forgo eating, so if you start to see your cat turn down his dinner, you may want to have his teeth checked and a good dental cleaning so that he doesn’t start to miss out on his nutrition.

3. Dental disease can travel past the mouth

If your cat develops dental disease and it is left untreated, the infection will begin to travel outside the mouth and can move into the bones, the lungs, and even into the bloodstream. If this happens, it has the potential of becoming systemic and becoming life threatening.

4. Dental disease can make other medical issues worse

Ignoring dental disease in your cat may complicate other medical issues. If your cat has something else, such as diabetes, dental disease may cause your cat further problems with the disease. One way chronic oral infections can make diabetes worse, is by making it harder for your cat’s body to control his sugar levels.

5. Dental disease has the potential of leading to other illnesses

Many researches have been conducted on the risks of dental disease causing other illnesses. If your cat has oral disease, he is at risk of developing other illnesses and infections in other organs, like infections of the heart and lungs, autoimmune diseases, kidney disease, heart problems, like heart failure, arthritis, and he’s even at risk of developing cancer.

Final thoughts

Dental disease is nothing to turn your nose up on or take lightly. Humans and pets, alike, are all at risk of developing health issues, or having existing health issues take a turn for the worse, if left untreated. To add to the problem, your cat may be at risk of losing teeth due to the oral disease, which means that they have a more difficult time eating and chewing. Granted, your cat will need to be put under general anesthesia for the cleaning, but it is definitely worth the money to keep on top of your feline’s oral care so that they can lead a happy and healthy life.

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