The Top 20 Cat Foods of 2017

6. Natural Balance limited ingredient

This is a special formulation that you can feed your kitties who have allergies, intolerance to some foods, sensitivities or digestive issues. When pets fail to thrive, or seem to be sick a lot of the time, their diet may actually be the culprit. This product is the right choice because some animals need to eat a special diet in order to maintain good health. it is called LID because it limits the number of ingredients in an effort to give your kitty the nutrients that he or she needs, while avoiding some which may be harmful to them. It offers a range of varieties which all contain wholesome ingredients and that do not contain wheat, soy or corn. Each includes animal protein along with pea protein and the kinds of fats which are recommended. Four flavors are available including Green Pea & Venison; Green Pea & Duck; Green Pea & Salmon and Green Pea & Chicken. Formulations are available regardless of your pet’s stage of life.

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