The 20 Keys To Understanding Your Cat

A cat can be a very welcomed addition to any family if the conditions are right. The trouble is, a lot of people do not fully understand cats and what makes them the way that they are. The more time that you spend understanding your new cat’s behaviors and personality, the happier that the cat (and you) will be. While you can spend hundreds of dollars in self-help books intended to put you on the same mental wavelength as your pet, you could also just apply these keys to understanding you cat into your daily life. Below you will find 20 points to consider and better understand about how your cat acts, what your cat will want to do, and how to make life better for your pet overall. 

Your Cat Doesn’t Want To Be Alone  

Much along the same vein as your cat being misconstrued as an independent creature, they also do no want to be alone. While their peaked curiosity might send them to different areas of your home without you there with them, cats instinctively crave companionship from either human owners or other cats that they encounter. Even feral cats are often seen in packs or groups, and can recognize other members of that group and work cooperatively to reach certain goals. In many ways this need to be around someone or something else on a regular basis negates the independence theory completely, showing that cats do in fact crave attention and your personalized care over their well-being. 

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