The Top 20 Myths About Owning a Cat

Cats are just a nose length more popular as pets than our faithful friend, the dog. While it is true that your choice of pet largely depends on your personal experience with animals – you’re not likely to choose a cat if they used your lap as a litter box – most people have practical reasons for choosing a cat over a dog. They are said to generally stay out of everybody’s way, do funny things so they can be an Internet sensation, and are low maintenance. Or are they? There are more than a few myths running around out there that actual owners know just ain’t so. So we constructed this list of the most important ones as a warning to potential cat lovers before bringing one of them home. It is expected that you already know that a black cat that crosses your path is not a sign of bad luck to come.

Here are the top 20 myths about owning a cat:

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