Understanding Your Cat’s Behavior in 8 Easy Ways

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It takes a lot of art to understand one’s behavior. However, it takes more skills to understand the behavior of an unspeakable creature. Similarly, understanding cats is not as easy as it might seem. They are mysterious. Sometimes you have to focus really hard to know what your feline is trying to communicate.

At times, the kitty might react to something in a particular manner which might seem funny to you. But there are possibilities that your cat is trying to convey a message to you. Kitties are complicated. Therefore, you have to notice their body language, eyes, sounds they make, their ear position, etc. all at the same time.

If you find anything suspicious at any moment, visit the vet. Remember to have your pet insured, so that any sudden visit to the veterinarian can also save large costs. It is better to have your kitty insured when it’s small as the insurance would cover a maximum number of illnesses.

Here are eight easy ways by which you can decode the body language of your cat.

Voice Modulation In Cats

Did you know that your cat can modulate their voice? They can purr in different manners, they could chirp, and canmeow in different ways, etc. Your pet can wake you up with a kind of purr and can also scare you with a different tone of their meow.

Your cat can chirp in a specific manner to tell you that they are hungry. Or their kind of purr and chirp could make you follow them to their bowl. They could paw at their bowls as well to tell you that they are hungry.

The Act Of Fondness

If your cat rubs their head or chin against you, they are trying to show affection towards you. By doing this, they are also leaving their scent on you. Leaving their scent acts as an identification purpose also.

It is not necessary that the cat will make physical contact with you. They can blink slowly and in a relaxed manner. Such long blinks are known as cat kisses and indicate happiness.

Showing Happiness

If your cat’s tail is high without their fur being raised at the end, it doesn’t mean that they are frightened like in cartoons. Instead, this means that they are greeting you. This gesture also means that they want to be seen.

Another way to detect if your kitty is happy is that their ears will be in a relaxed position and not flattened. The pupils will also seem normal sized. You can always increase their happiness and health at the same time by creating some DIY puzzle feeders. You can enjoy the way they figure out how to get food from their new feeders.

Lying On The Back Has Different Meaning

If your feline sleeps with the tummy exposed, they are relaxed and feel secure. Look out for the same gesture when they are awake; including the simultaneous purring and the striking of the paws in the air. This could mean that they are stress-free.

At the same time lying down on the back with dilated pupils and flat ears refers to a threat for them. They could attack.

A Cat Or A Fur Ball?

When cats feel afraid, they take aposition like a ball. In fact, they look like a fur ball. This position could also mean that they cat would not like to be disturbed. Cats could also adopt this position when they are visiting the vet. They might run off too.

If your cat hisses, growls and spits, that could mean they are annoyed or aggressive or frightened. If they do this, leave them alone for their “me” time.

The Anti-Social Feline

Cats are social creatures, but they can act as if they are avoiding everyone. They could also disappear for longer time periods or start biting gradually. If they stop using their litter box or try to over-groom themselves, then you should get concerned. This could be a medical problem.

Taking your cat to the vet after this kind of behavior is preferable. Behaving like this could also be because of the environment your cat has been into for a while.

Kneading The Dough Action

Does your cat paw-punch any soft material at home? If they do, then it’s great. Kneading the dough action depicts the cat’s relaxed and happy feeling.

If your kitty kneads the blanket on you with their paws, consider it as a compliment. Or maybe the kitty liked the blanket.

Sounds Of Howl

If your feline makes sounds of yowling or howling, like long meows, then it means that they are in distress and could be looking for you. If such sounds are made by an elderly cat, this means that the cat suffers from a cognitive disorder.

The sound of a howl could also be very annoying. Yowling also occurs when the cat is mating.

Cats are incredibly cute. They could give you good laughs and could scare you out of your skin in the other second. Nowadays, cats have been known to adapt human sitting positions. Maybe, this could be some sign. Watch out for your feline’s body language in order to understand what it wants to convey.

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