What Causes Your Pets to Fall Sick

Pets are joyous creatures; they love to play, eat and cuddle. But these activities can turn out be dangerous and make them fall sick if proper care is not provided. Pets are in no state to know what’s right and wrong for them therefore you should train them and make sure to keep them healthy and safe.

The most common cause of pets falling sick is poor hygiene habits. Most pets are furry and the fur acts as a perfect breeding ground for parasites and viruses that do not only affect their health, but your health as well. So what causes your pets to fall sick? Let’s look at the reasons below:

Ignoring Vaccination

What most pet owners fail to do is get their pet vaccinated timely. It is very important to get your pet vaccinated because their immune system is not as strong as humans and they catch diseases very quickly. Getting your pet vaccinated helps in preventing a number of major diseases.

Make sure you don’t vaccinate your pet on your own and get in touch with a vet as he would recommend which vaccines from a pet pharmacy are best for your pet’s health. The right dose is important for a your pet’s healthy life.

Giving Them Unhealthy Food

Another mistake people make is feeding a pet whatever they feel like feeding. This is extremely dangerous for your pet as animals are supposed to follow a certain diet, and not doing so can cause major health issues including diarrhea and other digestive problems.

Not Keeping an Eye on Them When They Play Outside

Many people like to sit inside the house while their pet plays outside in the garden with no one to watch over. A number of things can go wrong here. Your pet may gobble down foods it isn’t supposed to eat, causing health issues. Other than this, your pet may come into contact with another sick animal or have an accident.

Make sure to provide your animal with a safe environment to nourish growth and keep them healthy.

Neglecting Clinical Visits

The most common mistake pet owners do is not taking their pets to vets from time to time. Pets often fall sick due to climate changes. We tend to neglect this and wait for the animal to heal on its own. This can cause severe damages in the long-run.

In addition to this, change in diet can also cause your pet to fall sick. Just like humans, pets have seasonal diseases that need professional care.

Not Cleaning Them Regularly

Not giving your pets regular baths can cause them to fall sick and behave dull all day. Tiny parasites and insects hide inside the furs of these pets and suck their blood. A proper bath prevents this from happening, however make sure to use the right shampoo/soap.

These are the main reasons why your pet falls sick. Make sure to pay attention to these to ensure your pet’s good health.


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