20 Things You Didn’t Know about Polydactl Cats

It’s either very difficult to love a polydactyl cat or its very easy. There’s truly no in-between with them. People either find them exceedingly unnatural, or uncommonly interesting. The cats themselves are often more concerned with exploring new things with their unusual paws that they don’t have time for their human families. They can be completely aloof, or very loving. Many of them are a wonderful combination of these characteristics. It can be difficult to point to common attributes, simply because polydactyl cats occur widely across many different breeds. Polydactyly is a condition, not a breed.

The fun of owning polydactyl cats is watching how very clever they are. They seem to use their extra toes and claws to open and close drawers, doors, and cabinets. Nothing seems to bring them more happiness than digging items out of boxes and containers. They have been seen climbing up wallpapered walls and digging into upper corners of rooms using their extra thumbs for balance. It doesn’t matter that they aren’t supposed to have true thumbs, because they sure do look as if they are using them as thumbs. Polydactyl cats are a never-ending rollercoaster ride of curious inspections. They’re truly great cats.

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