20 Adorable Videos of Cats Drinking Milk

Cats are a very beloved pet to millions and millions of people all over the world. While they might be independent creatures that enjoy doing their own thing and sleeping all over the house in weird places, this sure doesn’t stop their owners from wanting to stop and take pictures and videos of them all the time. In fact, people have dedicated entire channels on YouTube and other video sharing sites to their cats and what they do on a daily basis. While you might think that this is surely something few people would want to subscribe to, you would be very wrong. There are dozens of channels of this nature that have quite a lot of followers, which implies that more and more people the world over want to see random videos about cats.

It is no big surprise that this generation living right now isn’t the first to revere cats and their particular style and attitude. The ancient Egyptians firmly believed that felines were holy creatures that should be revered and worshipped. While there might still be a handful of people that treat their pets like they belong on a golden pedestal, at least the majority of us have taken things down a few notches to the kind of relationships we currently have with companion animals. When it comes to filming every minute detail of their life, that might be another story entirely. It isn’t all bad though, and what has resulted from the phenomenon are some truly remarkable clips from pet owners. Even something as basic as a cat drinking milk has the potential for something worthwhile and entertaining, and with that being said, you can get a great look at cat videos on the internet with these 20 adorable videos of cats drinking milk.

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