20 Beautiful Cats and Firemen Videos

Cats are special creatures that make us smile and laugh with their zany antics. They are playful, curious and at times get themselves into real trouble. There is something heartwarming about seeing a fireman rescue a kitty in distress. When you say the words cat and fireman together, it conjures images in the mind of a fireman bringing a kitten safely down from a tall tree. We’ve found 20 beautiful cats and fireman videos to share with you. Although they’re not all about daring rescues from tree tops, we think that you’ll enjoy them.

“GoPro: Fireman Saves Kitten”

This lucky little tabby kitten was caught in a house fire. He was unconscious from smoke inhalation when fireman Cory Kalanick found him inside of the home that was filled with smoke. The kitten was quickly brought outside and revived. It’s a touching Go Pro video as two fireman come upon the kitten who looks like he is dead in the house. They are noticeably moved by the little guy’s plight. One of the firemen gently scoops the kitten from the floor, takes him outside and applies clean water to stimulate a response. He then puts an oxygen mask over the kitten’s face while massaging him in an attempt to get him to breathe. It’s heartwarming to see the kitty respond to the rescue attempts by opening his eyes. When he’s out of the woods, the fireman is holding and petting him in this moving video. It’s obvious that he’s a real cat lover, but who couldn’t love this beautiful little tabby?

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