The 20 Cutest Munchkin Cat Videos of 2017

Munchkin Cat: The Purrfect Cat Breed

Follow this adorable little ginger and white munchkin cat with his extremely large eyes and broad face that makes you just want to pick him up and hug him. This video was posted in February of 2017 and it starts off with captions that offers quite a bit of useful information about the breed while the clip is rolling. We get a good look at this little munchkin from all angles, and he’s a great example of the perfect munchkin, which in our opinion, are one of the most remarkable of the newer breeds. This little guy just can’t seem to sit still. He has a calm demeanor, but he’s just so darn curious that he is compelled to move from one interesting thing to another. It’s entertaining to watch him as he checks out his environment. Munchkins are very social cats and he shows you how much they love to interact with humans. If you’ve been thinking about making your next furry family member a munchkin and you’re on the fence about it, watch this video because it is guaranteed to help you make up your mind. Plus, it’s is just too cute to miss.

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