Man Completely Dismantles His Mercedes to Rescue a Kitten

Car Cat

When Joe decided to take a drive in his Mercedes-Benz, he was surprised to see a group of teenagers standing on the edge of a bridge. He stopped to make sure that everything was all right, and found out that there was a small kitten stuck in a tree over the edge of a bridge. The boys were worried that the kitten would die in the tree or fall into the water below the bridge, so Joe stopped to help them get the kitten down. He climbed the tree, got the cat and then the cat fell into the water. Joe, doing what he felt was right, decided he would jump into the water off the bridge to rescue the drowning kitten. He was successful.

Sadly, however, the kitten was terrified, wet and wanted a warm place to dry off. He got away from Joe and ran up into the engine of his Mercedes. That’s when Joe did the only thing he could think to do; he took apart the engine of his car to rescue the cat. Now it has to be put back together, but he thinks that the real issue is the fact that he now has to convince his girlfriend to let him move the kitten into their home.

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