10 Absolutely Adorable Sleeping Kitten Pictures


Kittens are a bit different to puppies and human babies in that they’ll generally spend most of their day away. However, when they sleep, like in these pictures, we’re sure you’ll agree they’re darned cute, and we’re 100% positive you’ll either be saying or thinking “awwwww.”   Other than breaking the internet with their cuteness, it’s interesting that as a kitten grows, it can go from having bundles of energy and sleeping for around a few hours a day, to growing up and sleeping for up to 18 hours from 24.

The question is, “which cat do you like better?”  On the one hand they’re just so adorable to look at as kittens.  Yet they can take up your whole day just as a child would.  On the other it’s so peaceful to see them sedentary yet you can’t play with them as much.  It’s a tough conundrum so we’ll let you make the decision.  In the meantime, enjoy these “awww” worthy pics!










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