10 Cat Care Resolutions for 2015


As a cat owner, I know with certainty that it’s difficult to find time to always spend with your cat, it’s difficult to always give your cat what he or she needs, and it’s very easy to become frustrated with your cat. It’s like anything in life, but sometimes as you take things for granted. Like the fact that your cat is healthy and happy; until he is attacked by a dog and not expected to make it and that’s when you realize that your cat really is a part of your family and has been for many years. With a New Year upon us, it’s time to realize that we have to take better care of our furry friends. We need to spend more time with them, pay more attention to them and love them a bit more. We have some great new resolutions you can implement in your life to benefit both you and your cat.

I Will Take Better Care of My Cat

It’s a great resolution because he or she is a part of your family. Whether this means actually taking him to the vet on time for his annual visit instead of rescheduling 30 times because it better suits your schedule or just making sure your cat has trimmed nails and cleaner water; taking better care of your cat is an essential resolution to make this year.

I Will Save for My Cat

Veterinary care, as you know, is very expensive. In fact, it was approximately $600 for me to spend a few hours at the vet last night as they attempted to save my cat’s life after he was attacked; and that was just so that they could sedate him, give him pain meds, evaluate his X-rays and tell me that there is really nothing they can do for him at this point but give him pain meds and hope for the best. They sent him home with me. Vets are expensive and if you have a cat, you should put aside a little something for the cat in case of emergencies. Not everyone with a cat can afford to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on cat care in the case of an emergency, but the cat shouldn’t suffer as a result.

I Will Change the Cat’s Water More Often

We are so guilty of this. We should keep the cat’s water as clean as possible, changing it out often and making sure it’s always fresh. It’s easy to forget, especially since cats are so bad about somehow getting their food in their water dish and making it pretty disgusting. Our cats deserve clean water as much as we, so let’s keep that going.

I Will Buy More Treats

Treats are not just for dogs. Let’s buy more of them and give more of them to our cats. Let’s get them more toys, more cat nip and more of the fun stuff. We reward our kids, dogs and people who do well at work, so why not reward our cats for being wonderful companions and sweet friends, as well? It seems like such an easy fix to make, such an easy resolution and change to make in the lives of our animals.

I Will Play More with the Cat

Cats need love and attention as much as the rest of us, so let’s give it to them. You would never let a day go by in which you would not spend time playing with the kids or loving on your dog, so why do so many of us not spend more time playing with the cat? Perhaps their independence is a bit too much for us and we forget that they need just as much love as the rest of the family thanks to their sometimes very aloof nature.

I Will Be More Patient with the Cat

He might jump on the counters, try to sneak food from the kids’ plates and he might manage to run in front of you regularly and cause you to trip, but it’s just because he’s a frisky feline who might need a bit more discipline and a lot more patience. He’s probably not trying to trip you to death; he’s just looking to get into your bed faster so he can get the best spot. He might be selfish; but be patient.

I Will Put the Cat’s Needs Higher Up on my List of Priorities

Cats often get what’s left at the end of the day, but they should be right up there with the rest of the family in terms of your attention, time and love. They shouldn’t be put beneath the grocery shopping and the bathroom cleaning, the laundry and everything else. They are living creatures with feelings of their own.

I Will Give my Cat a Better Environment

More stimulating toys and activity centers, more color and more fun for the cat will make for a much nicer environment. Stimulating the cat is just as important as stimulating everyone else in your life. You don’t want to cat to sit around doing the same things all the time. Get some new toys for your animal, get a new play center. Get something that will make the cat feel good and have a little more fun.

I Will Love My Cat

It’s a simple resolution because it is a simple resolution. Just love the cat more. Pet it a little longer, think of it a bit more often and focus on it a little bit more. Just love the cat more. It might be silly to some, but cats sense our love just as well as dogs and kids, and we’re often guilty of not showing it to our feline friends. We take them for granted.

I Will Yell Less Often

We yell at lot at cats when they jump on things, try to get into the groceries when you come home from the store, try to get out of the house, try to jump through windows to attack squirrels on the porch; we yell because we are certain they are going to hurt themselves. We should stop yelling and do what was mentioned above; have more patience.

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