How These 10 Cats React To Soap Bubbles is Hilarious!

cat bubbles

Cats love to chase things and it’s no wonder why the 10 cats in this video are having a blast chasing bubbles. Right away you can tell that these felines are having the time of their life. But some of them are so amazed at the bubbles and they sit there and stare at them. This is very funny to watch! The cats are behind a large window and the bubbles are being blown by a machine that is located just outside. As the bubbles come flying in the air the cats come running to the window to check them out. The felines try to catch the bubbles, but can’t because the glass is preventing them from doing so. But if these kitties could get their paws on the bubbles, surely they would try to pop them.

There are a lot of different color cats in the video and each one of them is very beautiful. There are kittens and adult cats mixed in the group and they all seem to get along just fine. They have plenty of room to move around in the very large room they are in. Some of the cats, who have been playing a long time with the bubbles, seem to be a bit tired. So you can see some of them taking a rest and laying on the floor. But some of the cats never take a rest and simply can’t stop trying to chase the bubbles.

This video is short, but it showcases 10 very lovely felines, that are having a great time. It’s not clear where this video was taken, but it has gotten tons of attention online. Many people have watched it and it already has 20,000 views and 230 likes! It’s always fun to watch cats playing and this video has something special about it. Maybe it’s because there are so many cats to enjoy! If you are a cat lover, then you will really enjoy watching this remarkable video clip. So before you leave, make sure to watch the video, which is below this article. Make sure to share it with everyone you know.

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