11 Funny Gift Ideas for Cats and Cat-Lovers

Tis’ the season of giving and we’ve rounded up eleven gifts to give to the cat lover in your life for 2018 – even if the cat lover is you! From toys to jewelry to home accessories in a variety of pricing, we’ve got the assortment for you to choose from to ensure you find something pawsitively purrfect for your feline loving friend.

Squishy Kitties

These make awesome stocking-stuffers for nieces and nephews, and are great stress-relievers to hold and play with while you’re in a business meeting or on a phone call. Bonus: they come in a pack of four so you can definitely sneak one for yourself.

A Cat Candle

We know, we know. It’s a candle…but it’s not just ANY candle! This geometric wax beauty melts down to reveal a surprisingly awesome aluminum skeleton beneath and can be purchased in white or black.

A Meowbox subscription

Not sure what your feline friend would want to find in their stocking? No problem! Try gifting your cat (or your friend’s cat) a Meowbox subscription! You can choose from 1, 3 and 6 month options and each box comes loaded full of treats, toys and well, the box itself, which every cat tends to love.

A purrfect custom phone case

Forget screensavers – gift the cat lover in your life a custom phone case with a photo of their feline friend on it that they can cherish forever. If you’re not sure what photo they would want, you can peek through their social media accounts and see which photo of their cat got the most likes/comments – those would usually make a great choice for a custom gift. Phone protection never looked so good!

Catnip fortune cookies

Say goodbye to pieces of string laying on the floor for your cat to play with. These catnip-infused fortune cookie toys are perfect stocking stuffers for the pet lover in your life.

A delicate cat ring

Keep it classy with this delicate cat ring. It is perfect for stacking with your other jewelry, or you can wear it alone as a statement piece. It comes in silver, gold and rose gold.

A custom pet portrait

Custom pet portraits are the perfect gift for someone who has loved and lost their kitty. Help them commemorate their loved one with a painting, drawing, or sketch of their fine feline. Fiverr.com has some amazing artists with a range of prices to choose from.

Da Bird feather teaser

This isn’t just any cat toy. This feather teaser features two swivel feathers attached to a string and a long wand, giving you a lot of reach with the toy (and keeping those sharp kitty claws away from tender hands). You’d be surprised how entertaining this toy is, and for under $10 it is a steal. You don’t have to worry about your cats ruining the fun either, once the feathers wear out, they are easy to detach and replace.

A Furminator brush

Keep your cat looking its best (and bonus: keep all that hair off of your clothes and furniture) this season with a Furminator brush. This top rated brush doesn’t just skim the topcoat – instead, the bristles go underneath and help work out the dead undercoat before it can shed off into your house. Here, kitty, kitty…

A portable, rechargeable cat lamp

This may say it’s for children but let’s be honest, we kind of want it for ourselves, too. This adorable rechargeable silicone lamp is shaped like a kitten and can vacillate between multiple colors or be locked on a single color. The lighting level is also adjustable and it can be set to turn off on a timer.

Cat magnets

For keeping all your important documents and artwork tacked to the fridge. Or for your white elephant gift at the holiday party, whichever works best for you.

We hope this list helps you and your furry friends have a wonderful holiday season!

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