11 Gifts Your Cat Loving Mom Actually Wanted for Mother’s Day

Cat Lovers

Finding the right gift for someone you love can be very difficult when you don’t know exactly where to start. Especially on a holiday as important as Mother’s Day, you want to be able to find something truly geared towards your mom’s interests, right? If your mother is a cat person, the gifts should have been easy, as there is a wide market with feline-inspired gifts to give for Mother’s Day.

For next year, here’s our list of gifts your mom actually wanted for Mother’s Day.

1. Personalized Collage.com Puzzle

Do you want to get your mom something that not only is cat related, but something that is truly fun to put together? These excellent personalized puzzles by Collage.com are made of high-quality materials and allow you to put a photo on them. So, if there are any photos or selfies of your mom and her cat(s) lying around, uploading them to make a custom and see how well she really knows her cat when she puts it together! She will be truly surprised when she finishes it and sees her furbaby.

2. Cat-Themed Charm Necklace

Getting your mom jewelry is a great way to give her something cat-themed that she can take with her. This necklace is beautiful, affordable, and unique. You can also put other charms on it to customize it!

3. Customized Mug

A customized mug with a photo of your mom’s cat can be a great way for her to be reminded of her feline friend while at work. Check out this option from Meowingtons for more information!

4. Cat Lady-Themed Shirts

Though “crazy cat lady” has been a stigmatized phrase over the past few years, many have begun to embrace it in the past few years. If your mom is one of those people, get her this shirt to give her even more confidence!

5. Cute Cat Thermos

Making sure your tea is perfectly brewed and still hot when you drink it is essential. This is why getting the tea-drinking mom in your life a thermos is always a great idea, but it’s even better when it’s cat-themed!

6. Cat Drinking Glasses

Allow your mom to share her love of cats with all of her friends through this wonderfully cute set of glasses! We especially love the funny and adorable designs on each one.

7. Cat Earrings

Like we mentioned earlier, jewelry is always a great option for something that is special, unique, and also very useful. With this set of pearl cat earrings, you can give your mom something very upscale while also catering directly to her cat-related interests. A true win-win!

8. Cat-Themed Tote Bag

Is your mom always on-the-go, having to carry things from place to place with little room to breathe? If so, this cat-themed tote bag is a great option that not only has a lot of space, but a creative message on it!

9. Phone Pop

If your mom is someone who is always taking photos of her cat, getting her this phone pop is a great way to ensure that she’ll be able to take the best photos she can. It will help keep the phone in place so none of the photos are shaking, getting the clearest shots all of the time! It also says “Cat Mom” on it, allowing anyone who sees her phone to know just who she is.

10. Travel Mug

Having a mug that you can carry around with you at all times is not only efficient for not wasting money on plastic cups every morning, but it is also very environmentally friendly! Give this travel mug to your mom so she can save money—bring your own mug to many coffee shops and get a discount!

11. Catnip Wine

Giving your mom cat-themed Mother’s Day gifts wouldn’t feel right if it didn’t include something for her cat! This is why you should consider getting one of these cat-specific wines. Don’t worry, none of them are alcoholic—they have the same effect as catnip, making them a wonderful snack. Your mom can also have a true “ladies’ night” and drink a glass of wine alongside her cat! Find some good cat wines here, specifically the MosCATo and Pinot Meow types.

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